Workshops and Seminars with Johannes Bohun

    music is communication. rhythm is language.

    Communication that wants to succeed, needs a balance between structure and improvisation. That’s why another vital element of stomp2gether events is to improvise within a given structure, to realize individual responsibility and freedom while receiving the support from the group, in order to give support oneself.

    It’s not about virtuosity, but merely express oneself’s individuality and feel how it enriches the collective whole.

    you can’t make music with nothing.
    with anything else you can.

    We use body percussion, daily objects like for example brooms, papers, bottles, bins, matchboxes, bags, cans, even basketballs or books.

    The ideas are endless: with stomp2gether we make anything sound and groove!

    Make music and rhythm with trash and objects of everyday life!

    A new act for the next school concert, or a new experience for your students:
    through working with rhythm and movement stomp2gether workshops promote physical and spacial awareness, concentration and spontaneity, selfconfidence and the feeling of togetherness.

    stomp2gether workshops are recommended by education experts not for no reason!

    Since 2001 Johannes Bohun is part of STOMP,  the global percussion phenomenon, which for more than 20 years has been fascinating audiences of many millions around the world.

    There is no „fourth wall“ in that interactive show. When you leave the theater you know: everybody’s got rhythm! We just might not be aware of it. Be it our heartbeat, our footsteps, our breath:

    life is rhythm. rhythm is everything.

    stomp2gether workshops and incentives are held by Johannes Bohun, a STOMP-Veteran, who has performed over the past twelve years thousands of times on four continents.

    Johannes Bohun looks back on extensive experience as an artist and musician as well as a director and educator. He enjoys working with people from all walks of life: executives of a multinational enterprise, students, teachers, musicians or clients of social institutions.

    Let’s make a show, created by the participants under the guidance of the workshop leader.

    stomp2gether workshops are interdisciplinary: music, sport, math, performing arts, social interaction play each a vital role in our concepts.

    stomp2gether workshops are suitable for pupils and students of all types of schools and educational and social institutions.

    stomp2gether workshops can be booked for a day (e.g.for several groups, 2-4 hours per group), or for longer periods of time.

    Regarding the required material a prior arrangement should be made.

    For any questions and information we’re looking forward to hearing or reading from you!

    Here’s a shortlist of some of our happy costumers who enjoyed stomp2gether events, workshops and seminars:

    • Bundesgymnasium Sigmund Freud, Vienna, AUT
    • Akademie Remscheid, GER
    • Hernalser Gymnasium, Vienna, AUT
    • Conservatoire Wattrelos, Lille, F
    • Teatro Furio Camillo,  Rome, I
    • Amorbachschule GWRS, Neckarsulm, GER
    • Jeune Public, Moutier, SUI
    • BAKIP Kenyongasse, Vienna, AUT
    • BAKIP 10, Vienna, AUT
    • BORG Mistelbach, AUT
    • ORG De La Salle Schule, Strebersdorf, AUT
    • Austrian Percussion Camp, Carinthia, AUT
    • Bakirköy Frauenstrafvollzugsanstalt, Istanbul, TR
    • Tarlabasi Community Center, Istanbul, TR
    • Rhythmik Tage Nord 2012, Schnega, GER